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Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep

on death and dying/loss and grieving

This book is very respectful of different belief systems and circumstances of culture. This process of letting go of a loved one is a time for love and affirmation of who they are….Since each of us carries our baggage into the relationship, this is the time to let that go for the sake of the one who is leaving us forever. There is nothing as horrific as a family fighting their old battles around the deathbed. At this time of dying what is most needed is love, hope, and peace…..This book should be accessible to individuals who are facing the greatest drama in life which is the end of life as we know it. Excerpts from the FOREWORD Written by the Reverend Howard Storm Author of MY DESCENT INTO DEATH: A Second Chance at Life.

On Becoming Whole: My Journey through the Years

Poetry written by Delilah Y. Marrow since the 70's.

Delilah is a butterfly! She adopted the butterfly as her symbol many years ago, because it represents freedom. She is the mother of three, grandmother of five, and great grandmother of three. She has emerged from her cocoon bold, forthright, creative, energetic, loving, and free. That’s Delilah Yvonne at 84! HURRAH! HURRAH!

To Heal The Wounded Soul: From Within the Family

In memory of my SoulSon – 
Oliver W. Martin, III.

Oliver made his Divine Transition Easter Eve, April 19, 2014. This book is a collection of reflections designed TO HEAL THE WOUNDED SOUL: From Within the Family (broken by the number of Transgender persons who have been victims of hit-run deaths or otherwise murdered, and all others who are victims of domestic violence, murder, rejection, isolation, misunderstandings, etc.). It is a source of support for who and Whose “I AM.”

Can the Lord Be My Shepherd If I Am Gay?

A Novel Approach to Real Accounts

A Novel Approach to Real Accounts of Sojourners Finding their Truth and Safe Places to Serve the God. Real God-serving people telling their story and seeking first the Realm of God and Rightness.

Six Out of Ten

and I Still Believe God

This little booklet is big on telling the story of one woman who experienced six deaths within two years; and another woman whose sole SoulSon died Easter Eve 2014. Still, they continue to trust God. It’s a quick read and excellent for grieving individuals and families.

PRAYER CLINIC 101 & Power Point


Definition and Types of Prayers; Recommended Skills for Pray-ers; Tips for Being a Good Listener; Tips on Being a More Effective Pray-er; The Power of Praying Women: A Sermon adapted by permission from Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr., Listing of Old and New Testament Pray-ers; Shift in Consciousness: A Lenten Series of articles on the Lord’s Prayer, 2013; and The Endorsing Pray-ers. Excellent for understanding Prayer, prayers, and praying.



A companion power-point presentation defining types of prayers; offering Recommended Skills for Pray-ers; Tips for Being a Good Listener; Tips on Being a More Effective Pray-er. Excellent for private spiritual development in the garden of prayer, personal war room, and/or prayer closet.

Between A Rock And Hard Places

Our Journey Before and 50 Years Beyond the 1957 Merger of the United Church of Christ

Affectionately called The Project, this first edition is a collection of oral and pictorial histories about the Afro-Christian/Black Congregational continuing testament. It is the first of its kind since the mid-20th Century. So written for individuals and churches desiring information about the contributions of the Black/African Americans in the United Church of Christ.


A devotional with grit to keep me mindful, aware,
and spiritually healthy — you can't lose with the grit I use

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A Fable with Chaplain Pj "Wisdom" Anderson, DMin

JUSTICE WAITING ON MERCY is an allegory based on Psalms 51; presented at my first speaking engagement in 2017. The place: the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing, January 8, 2017.

So many people requested a copy of the enactment it is offered herein. It is based on the sermon given in 1983 by one of my seminary mentors, Dr. Harold A. Carter, Sr. New Shiloh Baptist Church, Baltimore, MD.

It is a modification of an ending to the sermon LORD, HAVE MERCY. The scriptural reference is Psalm 51.

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